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Lean TWI Summit

This June, the vibrant city of Wrocław, Poland, is set to host the groundbreaking Lean TWI Summit on the 19th and 20th. Crafted for Lean management advocates and Training Within Industry (TWI) enthusiasts, the summit offers an engaging lineup of plenary talks and hands-on workshops. It serves as an unparalleled opportunity for individuals passionate about Lean Thinking and TWI to enrich their knowledge, refine their practical skills, and connect with a network of professionals who share their vision. Launch Day: Enlightening Discourses and Analyses The event kicks off with a series of inspiring presentations and meticulous case studies, presented in Polish, aiming to kindle innovation and share insights into Lean practices. The day’s agenda includes: “Building High-Performing Teams” by Dave Christensen, focusing on the role of effective coaching in achieving business success. “Journey to Excellence” presented by Tomasz Kanikuła, highlighting strategies for fostering a culture of continuous improvement. In-depth case…

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